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As Founder, I built the original team, secured $12mm in funding, oversaw spin out from MPC/Technicolor, led product strategy and have overseen the product team from concept to design to prototypes, prioritizing roadmap, market research and testing, developing messaging and branding, go to market, and business model.

MaxPlay is a high performance, cloud-enabled, collaborative game development platform led by a world-class team of proven experts in game development, enterprise software, data science, and publishing, MaxPlay is dedicated to enabling, partnering and collaborating with game developers in all aspects of the gaming ecosystem so they can spend more time creating and running their games.

MaxPlay was born out of frustration and opportunity.

The Frustration
Every time I stepped deeper into game development, I stepped further back in in time as far as workflow. There was no cloud-based collaboration or syncing, no easy way to share or track files and changes, no way to track how a team actually performed, no way to send permission-gated builds to clients.

The Opportunity
When I was Director of Interactive Technology at MPC/Technicolor. Technicolor was doing an R&D roadshow and I saw some technology that could be productized as a cross-platform game engine.

This was a chance for Technicolor to expand business into a new vertical, to update game development workflows, and to connect developers.

The Challenge
Not only did we have to build a proof of concept with minimal staff under a tight timeline, I also had to convince a 100-year-old $6B company that they needed to expand into a vertical they’d previously dismissed.

The Work
I performed extensive primary and archival research on size, growth, and makeup of the addressable market. Based on this research and initial vetting of the tech, I made a proposal to fund a proof of concept and conduct further market research.

I assembled and led a small team that evolved the product to be a SaaS, cloud-enabled, real time collaborative game creation platform. We built a prototype and conducted extensive user tests to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback.

I defined market opportunity, target demographics, business model, staffing plan, product roadmap, pricing model, branding, and pitch deck. Coordinated with all relevant stakeholders and regularly presented to Technicolor’s C-Suite.

The strength of our prototype and our testing was so convincing that we were able to secure $12m from Techincolor.

Oversaw spinout process from Technicolor. Identified and hired executive management team. Led Product and corporate strategy coordinating all relevant stakeholders, oversaw Product Design Team, product roadmap, go to market, business model, pricing, market research and testing, as well as branding.

The Results
MaxPlay continues to be the most highly anticipated game development platform in the world, already compared the industry leaders. This is demonstrated in earned media impressions and testimonials from industry experts and early users.

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