Amazon Prime Video

Onboard and Dive Deep Content on Amazon's Biggest Series.

I led a horizontal content, product, and engineering team to create a suite of new features and content in support of Amazon Prime Video's biggest shows with the goal of making it as easy as possible for customers to get excited about and onboard to new shows. Then, once they're invested, give them the ability to dive as deep as they wanted into the show and world. This involved leading a horizontal team of engineers, designers, product managers, and content creators to partner with the client app, marketing, Amazon Studios, and various internal systems teams. We were able to launch 7 new features on the Fire TV, Web, mobile Web, and Android app clients in support of Prime Video's first international tentpole series.

The Frustration
New customers often have hesitancy onboarding to IP they've never heard of, and fans of a given title are unable to dive further into the world withoout going to a random assortment of sites with varying levels of accurate information.

The Opportunity
Through a tightly coupled pairing of novel features and content, Prime Video had a chance to ease and enrichen customer engagement while also creating a differentiated experience for their biggest originals.

The Challenge
First, leadership across the product, engineering, Studios, and marketing orgs had to be aligned on the vision. Then, once achieving leadership alignment, numerous teams of varying disciplines (each with their own KPIs and worldview) with already full roadmaps needed to either do work or allow our small team to do work within their area of expertise. In addition, content had to be sourced, created, edited, optimized and iterated on in tandem with feature development.

The Work
After leading the vision session and selling the idea to leadership, I expanded a small team of engineers, UX, and product discipline, then built a content team.

I oversaw the build and launch of early experiments, gathering customer insight and opportunities to build or optimize all our pipelines, working with a combination of internal and 3P dev houses. We refined our ideas and approach over 20 difrferent title launches before tackling Wheel of Time. During this process, we built relationships with various teams and helped them out where we could, building trust and ensuring that we continuously raised the bar.

With Wheel of Time, we launched 7 new features (character cards, compendium, quotes, VAM video, interactive map, interactive timeline, and O&O) across Fire TV, Web, mobile Web, and Android clients, in addition to an AR extension of the Compendium, and a highly prodcuced voice-driven Alexa experience, extending the storytelling across multiple media types.

The Results
Customer demand was so great that we ungated all content early. While all numbers remain confidential, the features and content were well received, and generated unplanned earned media in addition to signifficant engagement.

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