Instant 3D Scan Multi-user Kinect Interface Every Conversation Weve Ever Had weak forces DoCaWI poptank learn music new year 09 Mercedes sitelet created for Rapp. DoIMFaM I made the video, audio, photo player for TreemoLabs. TreemoLabs is great. SMS graphitti system I made a fully editable drawing application in ActionScript. All curves can be spliced or sub-divided, plus there are the standard image editing features. The application generates an XML file for manipulation and saving. I made this sitelet for CitiBank when I was an engineer at Virtual Goodness. I got so tired of using wonky flash video players that I wrote my own. It plays videos, slide shows, and audio files with an intuitive interface, dynamically drawn blurbs, and slide navigation. I created a zylophone-type instrument to go with a glass give-away by McDonald's Montana. You can play, record, and re-play songs.. Through DDB Seattle. legible nature I was the lead engineer on the American Express My Life My Card site while I was a lead engineer in the Emerging Media department at Digitas. Swedish Fish aquarium screen saver - surprisingly complex. Chiclets screen saver Sour Patch Kids screen saver Time Pieces is a series of clock experiments with limited color pallette. I developed a comprehensive, fully dynamic, XML-driven Flash site for ad agency, Buro+Creative. The Buro+Creative site makes extensive use of my own proprietary Flash toolset for windowing, movement, dynamic loading and parsing, and navigation tracking. PDPal is a personal mapping application with annotation and BBS features. This was a project with the uber talented Marina Zurkow, Scott Patterson, and Julian Bleeker. I produced this comprehensive Flash application, developing an extensible mapping system which allows for zooming as well as global and local tagging at any level. In addition the app parses and appends XML documents, utilizes dynamic drawing, and displaying, multiple user management and annotation, toggle ability for maps and annotations, dynamic menu population, and various naming abilities. The user may place locales or draw routes on any given point on the map. The user may also annotate the given locale or route, view other users maps, and comment on their locales and routes. PDPal was co-commissioned by the Walker Art Center and Creative Time and is archived on the Whitney Museum's Artport. Currently, there are PDPal maps for Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, and Times Square, NY.Interactive Holiday Card gathering 2004 Holiday Card is a series of algorithmicly generated drawings. cuddle this robotcuddle this robotdance fight I designed and built this site for the fantastically talented Andy Ryan. I created an algorithmically generated layout. I think this won an AltPick award. mixed messagesAn ActionScript experiment with algorithmically generated blobs that you can knock around. Plenty of variables to tweak.mirrorExperiment where users click to reveal a story. The words are connected via a spring system.This site was made for the 2002 Techno Poetry Festival, as part of an identity package which included posters, wayfinding, and event program.This word catching game was created for Project Stretch -- a program run by the Stnaton/Haskell Foundation at the CUNY graduate Center, the goal of which is to increase literacy levels in middle school students through an interest in computer technologies. The game is desigined for multiple, scalable, implementations, reading in a string of variables then parsing the strings into arrays.Originally, I was asked to develop an on-line 9-11 memorial for HBO Documentaries. The design was later modified for the New York Times. The User encounters a screen full of names arranged in alphabetical order: here, only the first 430 names are used. As the User moves her cursor toward the edges of the screen, the field of names scrolls accordingly, thus giving the names a visual/spatial presence while conveying the enormity of the loss. When the User clicks on one of the names, a window appears atop the field of names. This window contains a picture of the person, and their obituary to the right. In addition to reading the person's obituary, the User ma post her own comments and memories of the person which will subsequently be displayed below the obituary. In this way, the obituaries will grow to be individual, personal memorials for each person lost in the tragedy. Thus, this memorial takes full advantage of what the Web can do better than any other medium: provide a communal space and a rich archive of information. To make this project I read through the obituary of every single 9-11 victim. IBM ad with lots of fun little physics widgets. Made while an engineer at Ogilvy. A story of a conversation between a couple recalling their relationship as told through a Pong game.Gordon Parks for HBO Documentaries. I got to work with HBO and Gordon Parks to figre out a way to showcase his life and work and stunning photogrpahy and music. The end result was an amazing experience that captures the incredible life of the man who was a photographer for the WPA and made Shaft - amongst 100 other acomplishments. The site won awards from Communication Arts, SXSW, and Macromedia.King Gimp for HBO Documentaries. King Gimp won an Oscar. I learned javascript for the design-build to create an auto-scrolling gallery.cuddle this robotThis was an early ActionScript experiment with algorithmacly generated drawing.Generative Song and VideoI got to work with Jim Woodring to make this animated tin toy. I love Jim Woodring.SMIL presentations for the Discovery Channel and Comedy Central - see the Comedy Central imagefor more info. This is when I was creative director at Pop! Multimedia. Comedy Central for Real Networks SMiL site. There was almost no documentation for SMiL so I would frequently just type functions that I thought should exist as I thought they'd be phrased and see if they worked. I was about 60-40, which is not bad for calling blindly. Then I'd call Real and let them know I'd found an undocumented feature and they should document it.