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Amazon Prime Video Explore Amazon Prime Video VR MaxPlay Google Docs for Game Development Camry Effect Case Study Outback Steakhouse Table Mates PNC Christmas Price Index Instant 3D Scan Prius Projects Signature Series Mercedes sitelet created for Rapp. poptank learn music Knit Active was a combined special preformance place in the club and live stream e-commerce idea. It was way ahead of its time. We would have people come in and play special sessions, stream them, do a little documentary, and share it with the world along with an easily integrated way for people to buy the musicians albums and merch. I'm still not sure why LiveNation doesn't 
 do something like this. My proudest moment was talking to the then director of interactive at Spin Magazine at the first NY Shins show and having him tell me they were trying to rip off our idea.